How to Boost SEO without Acquiring Extra Backlinks 

You don’t have to acquire extra backlinks if you wish to do well in SEO. You can boost your online ranking even if you don’t pay for these backlinks. You might need the best technical SEO services from experts to help out. You should also consider these strategies. 

Write news stories

If you want to be on the top right away, write breaking news. Be the first to report about important events. First, of course, you should talk about what’s relevant in your industry. Think about the biggest media companies. When they post breaking news, they immediately rise on top of search engines. It shows that even without extra backlinks, you can speed your way up to the top. Consider working with the best Tucson SEO agency, especially if your business is located in Tucson, and if you wish to find the right strategy in writing news and other online content. You will benefit if your company is in the area since you will most likely stand out. 

Create infographics

The good thing about infographics is they’re easy to absorb. People appreciate the information shared via infographics. You’re also pressing everything on one page. Instead of spending time reading long articles, more people prefer getting everything from an infographic. While you cut the presentation of information, the idea stays intact. You also provide accurate information and do not open things up to misinterpretation. 

Create a top list post

You can also capture attention when you write articles containing the top choices. For instance, the article contains the top ten things to do on a long weekend. It can also be a list of money-saving tips. These articles gain attention since they benefit the readers. People also know how much time they’re going to spend reading the articles. As long as your listing is fair and accurate, it will help boost your SEO ranking. 

Upgrade existing content

You already posted quality content before that ranked high on search engines. Perhaps, it’s time to give it a makeover. You can add new information that people will find relevant. Since you already know that the post is an attention-getter, upgrading it will probably lead to the same level of popularity. Another option is to identify all the posts that people received well and use the same concepts on your new post. 

Understand what people are looking for

There’s no need to rely on extra backlinks if your posts end up getting more attention. The key is to know what people want. Give them something they won’t mind spending their time with. Remember that the Internet is full of interesting content. Not everyone has sufficient time to dig into everything that appears on their phones. When users look for keywords on Google, it means they want to know more about the topics. If you write content that satisfies the readers, they will trust your brand. 


There’s nothing wrong with backlinking as an online marketing strategy. It remains an excellent choice, and many companies do it. However, it’s a different story if you have to acquire new backlinks and spend money for them. You can’t let it happen, especially since there are ways to reach your goals without spending more. Take your time to analyze the current strategies used and decide what else to do to expand. 


If you still have a hard time, you can always work with online marketing experts. Find reliable agencies in your area to help you craft a plan that leads you to success. It will always be challenging to stand out online, but you can do it with experts by your side. You can’t give up even if there are tough challenges.