What are Catholic Funerals?


As we all know, death is inevitable. Those who are born on earth have to die one day. The death of a person is a grieving and shocking moment for those left behind. It is the moral duty of the members who are left behind to bid a fond farewell to the dead body. There are various companies as well as online websites that provide Catholic funeral services at reasonable rates. An individual should keep in mind some things while choosing Catholic funeral services. This article provides a general overview of the basic understanding of Catholic funerals.

What are Catholic funerals?

Catholic Funeral Services are provided to the person who believes in the faith of Catholics. It is to be noted that Catholics believed in the afterlife of the dead. Catholics bid a grand farewell to the deceased body and provide certain things that can be used in the afterlife. It is believed by the Catholics that the actions of the dead person will decide whether he or she will go to heaven, hell, or purgatory. In Catholic funerals, an individual is advised to wear food clothes, usually in dark colors, and keep the jewellery simple. It is to be noted that Catholic funerals can be held two to three days after the death or can extend up to a week. For more information, click best Catholic Funeral Services in Singapore.

The Process of Catholic Funerals

A Catholic funeral has a process to start. Firstly, the priest greets and sprinkles the holy water on the casket of the dead body. It is also followed by the offering of flowers by the loved ones and other family members. Hymns and songs are also welcome during the funeral, but they’re not mandatory. The coffin is covered by the special cloth, and the Bible is also placed on the casket. Special prayers were offered by the mourners to give solace and peace to the deceased. Condolences were also given by the present persons at the cremation to the loved ones for the loss of life. After that, again, the coffin is sprinkled with holy water by the priest, who then carries the coffin to the crematory accompanied by the other members present at the funeral. At cremation, everyone pays their respects to the soul of the dead body.


It is advisable to hire Catholic Funeral Services as they provide all the arrangements, from holding any prayer meeting to carrying the coffin to the cremation. Loved ones of the dead person have shock and grief over the death, so there are high chances that they cannot give the last farewell in the great manner that they wanted.